The COOL Thermo-Electric Unit (TEU) system, from CP Cases, is a portable climate control unit designed specifically to provide a convenient way to deliver cooling and heating in remote locations.

  • No moving parts
  • Compact form factor
  • Robust construction
  • Long lifetime
  • Low maintenance
  • Climate control
  • No refrigerant
  • No brownout at low voltage
    • Supplied as a cooling collar or as an integrated unit, the user removes the outer case cover exposing the radiator fans which expel hot air to the atmosphere. The operating temperature is then set on the digital display prior to operation.

      TEUs operate on the thermoelectric or Peltier principle where DC voltage is applied to the solid state electronic assembly and one side of the junction becomes cold and the other side becomes hot. The air around the assembly cools and this altered air is driven to the required area.

      There are no moving parts other than fans which blow the cold air into the transit case and extract the hot air from the cooling collar.

In the most hostile conditions

Reliable, functional, operational

Any water that collects during the operation of COOL TEU can be drained out of the cooling collar and be extracted from the system via the vent located on the heat rejection side of the unit.

The drain vent is set up to enable a short length of hose (not supplied) to be fitted to the system so that the condensate can be channelled away into a suitable container.

Climate Control

By reversing the polarity of the input DC, COOL TEU can act as a "Climate Control" system, where you set the desired temperature and the thermal management system delivers either hot or cold as required, relevant to the ambient air temperature.



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